About MET, METLite and METSpouse

The MET Program was originally developed in 2012 in concert with the Department of National Defence and Veteran Affairs Canada. It is comprised of more than 250 Canadian Companies that are committed to hiring Veterans and Reservists. They are a collection of like-minded organizations that are committed to hiring transitioning Canadian Armed Forces members, active Reserve members and Veterans, report their hiring numbers quarterly and attend meetings live or by teleconference to share best practices related to hiring.

The METLite Program was launched on August 21st 2015, and is designed for smaller companies that may not possess the necessary resources to maintain the full commitments required by the original MET Program. METLite caters to this category because it is a self-directed interface that is more adaptable to the resource constraints of smaller organizations, but will still provide similar access to the military talent pool.  

To Register for METLite please go to the site; Click Register and then choose the METLite option.

The METSpouse Program is an employer network, administered by Canada Company and Military Family Services, where partnering employers are aware of the inherent employability of military spouses and explore accommodation for this mobile workforce. In turn, employers strengthen their workforce and enhance their organizational culture and reputation.

To begin the process of becoming a member of the Coalition with MET and/or METSpouse please email the MET Program Director at